About Crystal MBA

Crystal N. Williams, MBA, also known as Crystal MBA, has earned degrees in Communication, Marketing and Graphic Design. For this, she believes this makes me a unique marketing and graphic artist professional. It is rare that you find a graphic artist who knows much about marketing, nor a marketing person who knows much about graphic design. In her opinion, these fields go hand-in-hand because they work together to build the brands that we know and love today!
Crystal has worked as a marketing professional and graphic designer for more than 15 years. She has experience with building marketing campaigns – including print, email, and direct mail – from start to finish. Recently, she completed a Certification in Therapeutic Art Life Coaching to assist clients with manifesting their dreams, goals, and intentions, as well as to assist them with fine-tuning strategies to reduce stress and heal.


Crystal enjoys speaking about marketing, particularly branding strategy, as well as providing strategies for improving one’s mindset for success. She understands the importance of having a consistent, clean look across all media channels. In addition, she recognizes that one’s mindset must be consistent with their goals in order to reach them.

When Crystal is not coming up with new ideas, which is rare (LOL!), she enjoys working out; chicago stepping and salsa dancing; as well as spending time with her family!


  • Certification in Therapeutic Art Life Coaching
  • MBA in Marketing
  • BA in Communication
  • AS in Graphic Design
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