About Crystal MBA Branding & Design

Are you in need of a TOTAL MAKEOVER?

You have come to the right place! I am your One-stop Shop Brand and Marketing Consultant!

I have earned degrees in Communication, Marketing and Graphic Design. For this I believe this makes me a unique marketing and graphic artist professional. It is rare that you find a graphic artist who knows much about marketing, nor a marketing person who knows much about graphic design. In my opinion, these fields go hand-in-hand because they work together to build the brands that we know and love today!

I have worked as a marketing professional and graphic designer for more than 13 years combined. I have experience with building marketing campaigns – including print, email, and direct mail – from start to finish. Therefore, I will work with you to narrow down the scope of your project and build out a marketing plan especially for your business. With market planning, you will be able to clearly define your vision and mission, ultimately your true brand and brand message. Once your brand message is defined, I will help you create the content and messaging that will help your audience clearly identify your brand from all the rest! Finally, I will create your brand “look,” so your plan, content, and messaging will have a consistent theme throughout all designs, logos, letterhead, envelopes, postcards, invitations, etc.

You can also catch me speaking – live or previously recorded – on social media. Social media has blown up and should be a part of any branding and marketing campaign! #JustAskMe – I enjoy talking about marketing, particularly branding strategy. I understand the importance of having a consistent, clean look across the board – not one look for your business cards, another look for your flyers, and yet another look for your website, etc. It is all about first impressions, so #JustAskMe anything about branding, marketing, and design, and I’ll be happy to help!

When I am not coming up with new ideas, which is rare (LOL!), I enjoy working out; dancing; and spending time with my family!

  • Graphic Design, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
  • Marketing, American InterContinental University
  • Communication, Cleveland State University